After 16 years Jatin Lalit reunites on the sets of Indian Idol Season 11

Neeraj sisaudia, New Delhi 

History has been created on the sets of Indian Idol Season 11 as the superhit musical Jodi Jatin Lalit hugs each other and patch thing with each other. The musical Jodi who has given so many spectacular songs to the fraternity reunited after 16 years on the sets of Indian Idol Season 11.

They mentioned Fanna was the last movie on which they worked together which got them a national award and post that because of some differences they stopped working together. Aditya asked them a question that will both of them ever come together for a movie , even Vishal and Neha joined him saying that they request both of them to come together for a movie as everyone misses their superhit Jodi and the magical music which they created . They both hugged and sang a song together remembering old days. Lalit also touched Jatin’s feet out of respect. Lalit also mentioned, “I miss Jatin a lot and whenever our group is together, we all do mention about his quirky humor. In past we have given many rememberable albums and if things work out we might work together again. Lalit is my elder brother we might not be working together but still I have a lot of respect for him”
Jatin also said “Lalit and I have worked really hard and if we ever come together, we have to maintain a mark which was created by us. The way he passionately creates music is what we require in a composer and that’s one of the factors which kept us together for years.

Jatin and Lalit’s sons were also present on the set of Indian idol season 11.Neha said to his sons they should try to get their fathers together as parents always listen to their children.
Stay Tuned and watch Indian Idol season 11 Jatin Lalit special episode on Saturday and Sunday at 8PM only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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