Neha Kakkar gifts 2 lakhs to a musician on Indian Idol season 11

Neeraj sisaudia, New Delhi 

Sony Entertainment Television’s Indian Idol ‘Season 11’ has already made it big impressing all. The star-studded judge panel includes acclaimed names like Himesh Reshammiya , Neha Kakkar and Vishal Dadlani. This year’s theme of Indian Idol ‘EK Desh EK Awaaz’ is breaking all stereotypes and celebrates diversity in its true sense. Upcoming weekend the top contestants would be performing for some very special guest. The theme for next weekend is sweet 16 where elderly people would be joining the stage to support our top contestants .

Sunny Hindustani gave heartwarming performance on the song “ Dekhte Dekhte” which made everyone get goosebumps .He performed with Roshan Sahib who used to play with Nusrat Sahib in his team but then had to leave the team. The reason behind this was ,Roshan Sahib got a paralysis’s attack because of which he couldn’t move.Roshan sahib’s health affected his financial conditions also. His story made Neha Kakkar and everyone else on the set very emotional. They all couldn’t hold their tears after hearing Roshan Sahib’s story. Hearing Roshan sahib’s story and knowing about his financial conditions ,Neha decided to gift him 2 lakh to help him. This gesture of Neha was highly respected by everyone.
Himesh Reshammiya while appreciating Sunny said “ You are an example for all the reality shows contestants till date though you don’t have any professional training then also you sing so professionally which is remarkable”

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