The depths of a well…

I was stuck in the depths of a dark, empty well
With no-one to throw a rope
All of that seemed like hell
Because every brick was made of guilt and self-loath

I requested people to excuse me
When I could not adjust
With that atmosphere
Because I had no-one to trust

I was surrounded with darkness
As the end neared
I thought that nothing I did would make any difference
That my life was no more mere

But I was wrong
As I stood on my feet And learnt to be strong
I climbed the bricks of the well; ignoring the shadows that haunted me

Now I live the rest of my days
And I learnt to have fun.
Now the wind gives me kisses;
I feel the warmth of the sun

Now I sit with the flowers
And dream in the night
I sing songs of the stars
And I walk with the light

Now I play with fire
And I talk to the leaves Now I dance in the rain
And I swing on the trees…. 
Poem composed by Pragya (age 12 years) Convent of Jesus and Mary, New Delhi

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Name - neearj Kumar Sisaudiya
Sbi a/c number (एसबीआई एकाउंट नंबर) : 30735286162
Branch - Tanakpur Uttarakhand
Ifsc code (आईएफएससी कोड) -SBIN0001872

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